GUFO Marilyn Leather


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Marilyn, characterized by irresistible femininity, peculiar charm and eternal style that conceal the infinite sensitivity and depth of the soul. Made of bamboo, known for its strength and durability and high quality leather. High quality lenses with 100% UVA / UVB protection guarantee perfect and complete protection.

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90,00 €


150,00 €

    • Leather for Leader is a limited collection of exclusive materials, bamboo and eco-leather. The skin covers the front surface of sunglasses, making them unique and perfect for those who want to differentiate and be unique.
    • They are also coated with a resin that makes them more resistant, protecting them from friction and water. It's harder than 20 grams, as if you did not wear your glasses.
    • SIZE: Measures are unisex, so this model can wear both men and women.

    GUFO design is an Italian brand that designs Giuseppe Marino and Claudio Calvagna famous for their wooden creations and originality of style. Originally, quality and innovative: the three elements that hold GUFO design sunglasses are common. Wood as the material from which they are made is an ultra-original, ultimate fashion trend. Bamboo is known for its strength and longevity. Zebra wood is produced from rare trees that grow only in the western parts of Africa, and because of its characteristic appearance of wood with "zebra" stripes, the market is sold for oddly high prices. Multicolored lenses GUFO sunglasses offer maximum protection from the sun and reflection of light. The GUFO eccentric models reflect a strong character inside and are devoted to everyone who is dare to be their own and different. GUFO design has set its goal of achieving the perfect combination of high quality and originality.