Online Moda j.d.o.o. cooperates with DHL express. DHL Express delivers packages WORLDWIDE.

The customer will pay for the shipping fees.

Delivery is done only after the customer has made the order and after the visible payment on our Transaction Account. Delivery is done at the customer's address indicated on the order and solely on the person whom the buyer refers to as the recipient when making the order.

The download may only be made from the person designated as the recipient by the presentation of the identification document or by agreement with the courier of the DHL service to another person who the purchaser decides. In case the customer does not present a personal identification card (ID card or passport), the delivery service is not obliged to deliver the ordered product. DHL e-mails and / or SMS notifies the recipient of the upcoming delivery as well as the standard delivery timeline. DHL also sends a link that directly addresses recipients to DHL's Delivery Manager where they have the option of choosing between several delivery options according to their own wishes and needs. In the morning, on the day of delivery when the delivery agent scans the package, the recipient will automatically send another notification via email and / or sms containing a 3-hour timeline of expected delivery. The message also contains the phone number of the delivery and customer service. At this time, DHL's Delivery Manager can no longer use it. In case the first attempt to deliver is unsuccessful, the recipients will automatically be notified via e-mail and / or sms. The message contains a link directly to the DHL Delivery Manager where all delivery options are available, and where recipients can redefine what's going to happen with the package.

If the customer is not at home at the time of delivery, he will be left with a message on the delivery attempt and instructions for picking up the shipment. If the buyer does not take over the shipment within 5 business days of receiving the delivery message on the delivery instructions (not counting the day on which the message was left) then the ordered product returns back to the merchant. In this case, the customer is deemed to have canceled the order.

Pursuant to the Consumer Protection Act, a customer has the right to terminate any purchase contract concluded by means of electronic communication within 14 (fourteen) calendar days without giving reasons for it; by informing the trader of his decision to terminate the contract by means of: (A) unequivocal statements stating his / her name, address, telephone number or e-mail address

The 14 calendar day period begins to run from the day the customer received the shipment in his possession. You must submit a completed unambiguous statement or a one-term termination contract to the trader by e-mail at or by mail to ONLINE MODA j. Ltd. Istarska 56, 52210 ROVINJ, Republic of Croatia. The merchant shall, as soon as possible and within 14 days from the date of receipt of the written notice of termination, return to the buyer the full amount that the buyer paid up to the moment of termination on the basis of the contract for purchased products. You are responsible for any impairment of the goods resulting from the handling of the goods, except for what was necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the goods. The receipt of the notification of the unilateral termination of the contract will be sent to you, without delay, by electronic mail. If the customer terminates the contract, he / she will lose the right to the future shopping at the shop.

If the product that the customer received a damaged or defective product returns to the cost of ONLINE MODA j. Ltd. ONLINE MODA makes replacement products if such a product is available in the offer or for another product at the customer's request in agreement with ONLINE MODA j.d.o.o. In case of replacement for a reason that does not include damaged or defective product, the customer shall bear the costs of returning the product. The Seller is not liable for any damages and other obligations that are in the domain of the delivery service, but will, in agreement with them, provide a superior service to each customer. The buyer has the right to return products within 14 days of receipt if the product is not satisfied. ONLINE MODA undertakes to pay to the buyer a total amount of payment other than postal cost (return) within a period of seven working days from the receipt of the return of the product.


Both the merchant and the buyer may use the right to terminate the contract (order cancellation) before sending the goods to the delivery, with the refund of the pre-paid funds. If the merchant can not deliver the paid goods for any reason, the refund will be paid to the buyer within seven (7) business days. If the customer decides to terminate the contract (cancel the order) before the goods are delivered for delivery, the refund will be paid to the buyer within a maximum of seven (7) working days. If the buyer decides to cancel the order after it has expired