JAMIN PUECH Djimini bag


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Unique original entirely handmade of thousands of shamrocks and pearls, the luxurious Jamin Puech bag. A flexible strap whose height can be adjusted by carrying over the shoulder or stretching across the body. Made of palm leafs imported from beads and beads. Original pattern in the shape of a 3D chimpanzee. Inside there is a compartment. The buckle is made of wood covered with resin.

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348,00 €


580,00 €

    • Palm leaves embroidered with small sequins and small beads, a couple of monkeys in 3D embroidery.
    • Entirely handmade, attention is paid to every detail.
    • Small inner flap
    • Resin clasp
    • Weight: 290g
    • Dimensions: 19x19 cm
    • Composition: 15% Leather / 45% Rayonne / 40% Cotton

    Jamin Puech is a brand of renowned world designers Isabelle Puech and Benoit Jamin who created their bags for Chanel, Balmain and Chloe before creating their own Jamin Puech in 1992. 2013 Gala has included Jamin Puech in top 10 world fashion designers. Each piece of Jamin Puech handbags is hand-made as a work of art and decorated with elements collected during their treasure hunt: shingles, exotic wood, Asian pearls, jewels, horns, fur or shellfish from Tahiti. The brand collaborates with Italian leather experts, India's mating masters and Rafia's Helmets in Madagascar. Jamin Puech's handbags are known for their exceptional detail and precision, made with a pedantic hand, thousands of balls, shingles and colored threads. The Brands of each season deliver a very limited number of bags, so each Jamin Puech bag is almost unique.