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Jamin Puech bag is before all a burst of imagination, an intuition, a story of memories and emotions. It is also a voyage where cultures intertwine, where master craftsmen around the world work and assemble the most noble and surprising materials.

In 1989, Isabelle Puech and Benoit Jamin were studying fashion design in Paris while creating costumes for theatres and the Opera. This led them to design their first eclectic and unclassifiable bags including elements of far away cultures, perhaps a legacy of Isabelle Puech's childhood spent sailing the world with her parents from Africa to Polynesian islands.

That year they presented their creations to the International Fashion and Photography Festival (Hyères, Cote d'Azur), the most prestigious competi- tion for young creators which revealed the likes of Viktor & Rolf or Felipe Oliveira Baptista. They won the first prize and Bergdorf Goodman bought all the collection.

They would subsquently design bags for Chanel, Balmain, and Chloé before launching Jamin Puech in 1992 and soon after opening a first boutique-atelier in Paris.

Today Jamin Puech still walks the less travelled roads of creation producing twice a year over sixty new colourful, suprising and impeccably made new designs.

Jamin Puech is a history of creation between Paris and the world. Since the very beginning the designers relentlessly travelled the globe in search of new shapes, crafts and materials.

Every piece is handmade like a work of art and adorned with elements collected along this treasure hunt: sequins, exotic wood, Asian pearls, gem stones, horn, fur or cowrie shells from Tahiti.

Over time Jamin Puech has established a network of trusted artisans around the world, each with a specific craft from leather suppliers of Italy, master embroiderers in India or raffia crocheters in Madagascar. Each of them has become part of the Jamin Puech family and every one of our models pass through their expert hands.

Our embroidered bags are renowned for their remarkable details and the precision of the work, with models requiring countless hours of meticulous hand-beading, thousands of beads, sequins and colored threads. The shape of a bag is influenced by the association of materials and techniques used; numerous trials are needed to get it perfect. While the patchwork design and hand-crocheted technique have become iconic to Jamin Puech, the range covers a wide variety of shapes, techniques, exotic skins and brilliant colours. These elements are expertly mixed into uniquely original creations each season.

Our leather range is entirely handmade using traditional sewing methods. While the patchwork design and hand-crocheted technique have become iconic to Jamin Puech, the range covers a large variety of shapes from soft to rigid structure.

The raffia palm or raphia is a plant native to tropical Africa and especially to the island of Madagascar where our partner atelier is located. The raffia fibre is then extracted and dried to become a robust element to be dyed and shaped using a variety of techniques such as weaving or crocheting. Every season, Jamin Puech designers play with this material and continue to find new ways to create unique shapes and volumes for inimitable models.

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